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New work for Skateboard GB x Samsung

"Most of us skate because it’s fun. We get to hang out with friends and get hyped on landing tricks. But it’s one of the best workouts too!

Samsung UK gave us the Galaxy Watch6 to put our idea to the test and Ashley Mercer kindly offered to see how this would work out.

So he did 11 minutes of skateboarding, followed by the same amount of time jogging.

**NOTE: We had planned to do 10 minutes, but Ash really wanted to land the kickflip, so we ended up going over

Here’s the results….


Max heart rate: 159 / Calories: 106cal


Max heart rate: 155 / Calories: 102cal

It’s good to see that skateboarding compares pretty well as a workout, as well as having all the other benefits!"


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