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Los Angeles trip with Skateboard GB 🇺🇸

"Take the edge off, to blunt the cutting edge of a tool or to lessen the severity of something unpleasant. 

Pick your poison, a spoonful of sugar, a Lindt chocolate at 3am, or a week long trip to California where it isn’t raining sideways and the skateparks are many. How about all three? The SBGB park crew did just that and headed out to California for a little respite from the UK winter to skate a bit of concrete."

Before the event madness of Spring-Summer 2024 kicks in, Lilly Strachan, George O'Neill, Tay Cunningham and Sam Beckett ventured Stateside to meet up with Andy Macdonald, Tommy Calvert and Kayo Martin for a SkateboardGB getaway. Enjoy the resulting edit - Take The Edge Off - below...

Filmed and edited by Jake Powell, additional filming by Sam Beckett and Darren Pearcy.


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